I’ve just registered my daughter for the 3rd grade … Sigh. Summer is almost over. It’s been a busy one for sure.

** To make things a little easier, hence forth my daughter shall be “L” and my husband shall be “D” … So it is written … so it is done **

I haven’t written in a while. I have no real excuse, but I did do some traveling! I went home. Alaska in the summer time is the best. I’m too much of a whimp to brave the cold in the winter along with the rest of the tourists (not that I’m calling myself one of those – dirty name calling doesn’t suit me). I admitted to the possibility a few months ago that I can no longer claim to be “from Alaska” any more … Sure I grew up there, but I couldn’t live there again. TOO COLD for this Texas girl … I’m sure I’d get used to it again though.

Funny thing is that D and I actually discussed moving back while we were there. That was my fault – putting the idea in his head. I miss my family and the history I have in Alaska. Not to mention L is an only child (this will not change – keep you opinions to yourself, it’s none of your business) and she has a few cousins up there that I would love her to grow up with. D was stationed in AK while in the Army (other than fate, this is why we met – Not how … how is a whole other story). He likes to say that I was the best thing about Alaska … ok – that’s a little embellishment … he just never wanted to live there again since we left. Then all of a sudden, I put this idea into his head (ultimately he wanted to make me happy whatever the cost) and his wheels started turning. He started dreaming. Oh Lawd when that boy dreams it gets serious. So I pulled the reins a bit … by a bit I mean I squashed the idea.

Not only would leaving Texas mean leaving the job he loves (love is a strong word, but he really enjoys it), chances are he wouldn’t find something in the same field, nor would he be happy with the pay … or the cost of living in Alaska. He knew all of this, so it only took a little reminding and we agreed … no moving to Alaska. At least not until we retire … … Then we can summer there … 😉


2 thoughts on “Snowbird?

  1. Unlike yourself I thoroughly enjoyed the 20 or so winters I experienced while living in Alaska, and disliked the summers with the mosquitoes, bears and (@#&^tourists). However now that I moved to Texas I can not understand why anyone would want to live here with the almost daily high 90’s to low 100 degree temperatures. If it weren’t for ‘grandchildren’ and family I would be heading back to my cold cave! Thanks for a great posting.

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    1. Oh I didn’t mind the winters when I was there. In fact my family would have voted me least likely to leave the state when I was younger. I HATED being hot. But since leaving the thought of being cold is irritating. I prefer the heat now. I would like it even more if it was dry – but I refuse to live in West Texas or California (the only other viable alternative to Texas in my opinion … The coast would make up for the ridiculous rent/mortgage prices – I hate to alienate any Californians here, but the people are a turn off for me … I’ve met nice Californians, my father in law for example, it’s more of a perception than anything – ditzy blondes and road rage 😂😂)


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